The Uriprotest is a dip- and read screening test for invisible blood in urine. This could indicate disease of the urinary tract. Invisible blood will reveal itself by a green coloration of the yellow test patch on the test strip; a positive test. One single positive test does not say much. But three positive tests with an interval of one week means that it’s time to see a doctor.

A positive test for blood in the urine may be the result of a bladder infection, kidney stone, menstrual blood etc, but it may also indicate cancer of the urinary tract. Bladder or kidney cancer is most common in people over 50 and smokers. Perform the Uripro-Test every three months to track malignancies in time.

The Uripro-Test is developed by Cors Ephraim, a Dutch GP and is produced in accordance with the European Directive 98/79 / EC by: Ephraim Diagnostics Sdn Bhd in Malaysia.

One Uriprotest kit pack contains enough test strips for one year.


Store the test strip in a dry place at room temperature(not in the bathroom or kitchen)!

There are two additional strips in the package. Do not use those strips after the expiration date!