Why this test?
Blood loss in the urine might be the first symptom of a malignant process in the urinary tract. Often one can’t see this blood with the naked eye. The Uripro-Test makes it visible.
Who is this test for?
Anyone can suffer from cancer of the urinary tract but the likelihood contracting it, is signicantly higher after 50 years of age and especially if you are a smoker.
How common is cancer of the kidney or bladder?
Over 250.000 new cases of kidney or bladder cancer are registered in Europe each year.
Why every three months?
The best way of discovering urinary tract disease is by regular testing. Scientific research tells us that doing this every three months is most helpful.
What are common causes for blood loss in the urine?
Blood loss in the urine might have different causes. For example: Cystitis - Kidney stone - Use of anticoagulant medications - Vaginal bleeding - Prostate inflammation - But very importantly, also Bladder or Kidney cancer
Can I be sure that I have no bladder or kidney cancer if the test is negative?
No you can’t be completely sure as tumours do not bleed continuously, but regular testing will greatly increase the chances of detection.
How should I store the test strips?
Store them in a cool and dry place in a sealed plastic bag and do not touch them with your bare fingers.